Our Mission

The Maya Anne Friendship School…

  • Welcomes all students regardless of their age, sex, caste, economic circumstances, political or religious persuasion.
  • Will provide an education which is valuable, opening up new career opportunities which historically have been unavailable to Nepalese people in this region and beyond.
  • Stands for ending the subjugation of women, child trafficking, organ stealing, witch burning, poverty and pollution in Nepal.
  • Will have the partnership of Australia and other countries who love Nepal. This will be demonstrated by financial assistance, great projects, scholarships, mentorships, medical, dental and eyecare.
  • Will have the partnership of Landmark Worldwide to train leaders in the community to provide unprecedented opportunities and futures for the people in this region and beyond. (This will take the form of village leaders doing Landmarks programs in Delhi or elsewhere to empower both themselves, their families and their communities.