The School

The Maya Anne Friendship School was built in partnership with the village people of Tilahar and a group of enthusiastic Landmark graduates from Melbourne and elsewhere in the world.

The idea to build the school was conceived by Ram, Maya and Anne in March 2011 in a small cafe in Thamil, Kathmandu. Ram and Anne first met in Dhurber Square in 1971. Ram was 7 years old at the time, living in the temple with his friend Krishna and begging for a living. The two took a shine to each other so before Anne left for Australia she sent Ram to school.

After 3 years after not hearing from the school Anne stopped sending money and Ram was dumped unceremoniously into the street. After a gap of 40 years Anne and Ram were miraculously reunited in the busy streets of Thamil.

Ram was now 48 years old and married with two children. He said the education he had made the difference between living and dying. Ram wanted this for his children and the children of Maya’s village. Hence the plan to build the school.

It took two years to raise the funds to build the school. It was built in stone from a nearby quarry, has four rooms, three classrooms, one guest room and three toilets. The school now has 18 students and 3 teachers funded by a committed group of people from Australia.

The school has just been registered as a learning centre to allow volunteers from around the world to go to the village to hold projects and contribute the many resources they have available to both the village and surrounding villages.

What makes this school different is its intention spelt out clearly in the mission statement.